Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission is twofold:

  • We serve our clients by helping them experience freedom from the burden of dealing with unwanted items and from anxiety caused by too much “stuff.”

  • We serve our environment by reducing the waste of energy, raw materials, and transportation resources associated with the production of new goods by selling high quality used goods at excellent prices.

Our Vision:

To serve our environment and humanity by brokering the largest distribution of quality used and socially conscious goods the world has ever seen.

Our Values:

  1. Stewardship of relationships with our Creator, people and the environment
  2. Supporting the local economy and community
  3. Generosity
  4. Outdoor enjoyment and adventure
  5. Honesty and accountability

Our Story

It all starts with the heart. We are junkers, re-users and lovers of the outdoors.  We launched in 2012 out of our guest room after a stint of living abroad.  We were purging!  To join in the cause, a friend gave us several boxes of vintage football cards, along with several other things, to sell for him and we were off to the races. Word got around and we soon outgrew our guest room and our basement. In 2013 we moved to a friends’ 2-car garage and started expanding our client base, inventory, and specializing in new and used high-end outdoor gear. It was tough not having our own Internet, toilet, or heater during freezing winter temperatures…but we were determined, and we made it work. In 2015 we outgrew the garage and took our biggest leap of faith yet, by signing a deal on our first warehouse. The sound of our own flushing toilet has never sounded so good and we finally have the capacity to serve our clients and community at a much larger scale.  We’re excited to have you become part of our story, and us to become part of yours!

Meet the Team

Ben - “Warehouse Rat”

milkman, eat . . . sleep . . . poop expert, future CEO

Lucy - “Mascot Goose”

Foodie, sleep expert, outdoor lover, best friend.

Justyn - “Hoosteen"

Photographer, intake master, the muscle, outdoor lover.

Josh - “The Brain”

Growth expert, visionary, marketing guru, client kowtower, charming husband, outdoor lover, and Dad.

Lindsey - “The Boss”

Task master, research geek, hard worker, wonderous wife, outdoor lover, & Mom.