DimLux Expert Series 1000W/240V DE EL UHF Lighting System

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Product Detail

The DimLux Expert Series is the most advanced and complete lighting system out there today. Everything about these all-in-one lighting systems screams top-of-the-line.  Built with impeccably high standards, and with a sleek and attractive gold casing and blindingly shiny reflector, these systems offer truly outstanding performance capabilities. 

For purposes of overviewing the impressive design, this system has 3 things that come together to make the magic: Dimlux Xtreme Ballast, remarkably flexible Alpha Optics 98 Reflector, and the powerfully efficient Greenpower lamp.

With 7 separate dim options, this lamp is by far the leader amongst it’s competitors.  You can precicly alter the light output to match the needs of your ever-changing plants.  Two boots settings are available for generating up to 15% extra lumens than advertised on the lamp.  The soft start and soft off features ensure you don’t get sudden surges of power when switching on and off.

The Xtreme Ballast operates quietly and efficiently, saving money on energy bills.  Fireproof and “smart” enough to cut the power in the event of a bad contact or short circuit, this lamp also has a built-in processor to monitor the ballast-to-lamp connection and an LED display to let you know of the operating status.

If you chose to link up your light system(s) to a Maxi Controller (recommended – and an astonishing 160 units can be accommodated!), this sensational device will manage them all at once taking into account indicated day/night periods and minimum and maximum heat tolerances, applying even closer control with continuously-variable dimming rather than standard incremental dimming. 

The Alpha Optics 98 Reflector is another stand-out part of this lighting system.  Made from 98% reflective Miro Silver aluminium and crafted in a unique manner, it only lets light waves hit the mirror-like surface of the interior on one occasion before projecting them downwards to cover over your plants. The light is also steered clear of any unnecessary and unwanted interactions with the lamp, minimising overall wastage. These two aspects conform to the Single Bounce Clear Sight principle (SBCS). 

Both sides of the reflector can be adjusted to manipulate the distribution of light and there are optional add-on reflectors for stopping light from hitting walls instead of floor. 

The open nature of the Alpha Optics 98 Reflector helps with the passive cooling of the lamp, improving its efficiency and overall life span. A 50mm port on the top of the unit allows you to extract the hot air away from around the lamp – a standout feature of this reflector. 

Dimlux Expert Lighting Systems include an industry-leading Philips Greenpower lamp. With an internal voltage converter of the ballast, both the 600 Watt and 1000 Watt models are suitable for 400v lamps using a standard 230v connection. These help to ensure that you enjoy a high and stable light output.

One more look at the outstanding Features and Benefits:
The highest output (light) due to the overdrive boost and 400V UHF technology
Miro Silver Reflector with Single Bounce Clear Sight (SBCS) principle
Highly efficient - puts out 2.1 micromole (µmol) per watt 
The broadest dimming range of all digital ballasts
Soft-Start, Soft-Dim, Soft-Off function
Can be dimmed manually in 8 levels (including the "off" position.)
Can be variably dimmed and controlled via the Maxi Controller
Extensive diagnostic LEDs
EOL function (End Of Life indication to replace lamps)
Safety features for preventing short circuits, open contact, high temperatures, too low voltage, too high voltage

SBCS -Single Bounce reflector ensures minimal light loss
Brighter, cleaner light for maximum yield
Less Heat - reduced risk of heat damage to plants
Reduce cooling costs
No loss of vertical space - ideal for rooms with low or high ceilings
Available Master Controller (sold separately) for dimming to sunrise/sunset and when temperature, humidity, VPD and CO2 levels vary
Overall much greater output and yield than any other lighting system