Lot of 3 Luke's Toy Factory EcoTruck Dump Truck, Fire Truck, & Cargo Truck

- 33%

Product Detail

Condition: New

Description: Luke’s Toy Factory designs their toys with a simple, old school wooden style.  They look like they’ve been hand crafted by a skilled wood worker.  HOWEVER, their toys are made using state of the art manufacturing processes and materials here in the USA.  No Phthalates, BPA, Lead or any other heavy metals are in these toys.  They use a bio-based plastic in their packaging too!

A great gift for your little one, grab all three of these designs in one lot (one goes for $25 each retail).  

Made from 30% Sawdust &
70% safe, certified clean plastic

Tested and certified for ages 3+

Made 100% in the USA