Lot of 56 Zane Grey Hardcover Books (Walter Black Series) 30,000 on the Hoof Etc

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Condition: Preowned - Pretty Good - moderate signs of blemishes; very good shape for it's age - Some books have water stains, pages falling out



Book Titles:

30,000 on the Hoof, Arizona Ames, Black Mesa, The Border Legion, Boulder Dam, 2 The Call of the Canyon, 2 Captives of the Desert, Code of the West, The Day of the Beast, The Deer Stalker, Desert Gold, Desert of Wheat, The Drift Fence, The Dude Ranger, Fighting Caravans, Forlon River, The Fugitive Trail, The Hash Knife Outfit, The Heritage of the Desert, Horse Heaven Hill, Knights of the Range, The Last of the Plainsmen, The Lone Star Ranger, The Lost Pueblo, The Lost Wegon Train, Majesty's Rancho, The Man of the Forest, Nevada, Raiders of the Spanish Peak, The Rainbow Trail, The Ranger and Other Stories, The Robber's Roost, Rogue River Fued, Shadown on the Trail, The Shepherd of Guadaloupe, Stars of the Sand, Sunset Pass, Tappan's Burro and Other Stories, Thunder Mountain, The Thundering Herd, To the Last Man, The Trail Driver, Twin Sombreros, The U. P. Trail, Valley of Wild Horses, Wonderer of the Wasteland, West of the Pecos, Western Unio, Wild Horse Mesa, Wilderness Trek, Wildfire, The Wolf Tracker, Wyoming, A Biography,