Myco-Fusion Rhizo Charge 2.0 Santiam Organics Plant Growth Optimization 1 Lbs.

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Product Detail

Description: Designed for the gardener who wants to maximize their crop yield, Rhizo Charge 2.0 is built on the science of delivering nutrients to the plant and the mycorrhizal organisms that are servicing the planet.  This product aids in rapid crop cycling and is a must have if you’re growing in soil.

We have this available in multiple sizes: 1 lb, 3 lbs or 25 lbs. 

Application Methods and RatesThis product is designed to be a companion product for the Myco-Fusion complete system of mycorrhizal inoculants. It contains complex humic material and other myco-symbiotic organisms. Apply immediately following planting or at any time during the plant's life cycle. 
Directions: For transplants, apply product in the planting hole surrounding the root area.  For existing plants, work product into top layer above roots.  Following each application, water thoroughly.   This product works best if followed every 2-4 weeks with a drench treatment of Bio Jolt.  

Keep in Mind Cautions: This product contains living microorganisms that are sensitive to certain cultural practices. To avoid inhibiting or killing the organisms, do not use high rates of inorganic fertilizers, especially those with a high proportion of Phosphorus (P).  Avoid application of fungicides with PCNB, thiophanatemethyl, or soil fumigants.

Store in a cool dry place with prolonged temperatures not exceeding 90°F (32.2°C). Avoid direct sunlight. Product should be used in a wellventilated place. 


Active Ingredients:
Trichoderma harzianum..................50 spores / gm
Humic Material