RX Green Solutions Grow B Vegetative Growth Increase Yield & Quality 2.5 Gallons

- 59%

Product Detail

Grow A & B formulas by RX Green Solutions provides the basis for everything your plants need for vegetative growth.

Professionally formulated, this program provides high performance ingredients that are simple to use, which enhance photosyntehsis, nitrogen uptake and micronutrient delivery.

Technology (as provided from the manufacturer website…)
Rx Green Technologies’ natural-based program contains a full spectrum of nutrients at balanced ratios for superior plant performance. The program was developed for growers who want to improve both yields and quality (terpenes, cannabinoid profiles and potency) through a simple program.

Key Technology in Two-Part Nutrients:
> Phosphorus Uptake: The organic acid formulation of our phosphate technology slows the oxidation of phosphorus, resulting in more plant-available phosphorus and less danger of phytotoxicity.
>Improves Nitrogen Usage: Our organic acid technology also enhances the fixation of CO2 through natural plant metabolites. These metabolites stimulate the plant’s metabolism, increasing photosynthetic processes and carbon fixation. This encourages the plant to uptake more nitrogen, ultimately resulting in increased plant growth rates and greater plant biomass.
>Built in Enhancer: Naturally-occurring compounds enhance the shikimate pathway, which converts carbohydrates into three amino acids: tryptophan, tyrosine, and phenylalanine. These amino acids are the precursors for a variety of molecules that naturally protect the plant from environmental stresses and pests.
>Amino Acid Chelates: The amino acid complex keeps micronutrients in an optimal form until they are ready to be utilized by the plant. These amino acids are neutrally charged and therefore easily absorbed by the plant with minimal energy loss. Our micronutrients are more easily absorbed than in other products, supporting key physiological processes like chlorophyll production, carbohydrate metabolism, and enzymatic activity.
Using the chart below as a guide, mix GROW A in water and mix well. Then add GROW B and mix well. The combined solution can be applied as a drench in any type of growing media or hydroponic system. Our customers report that the development and growth is substantially improved after using GROW.
- PPM are on the 500 scale, using distilled water

For additional information or to dig deeper into this product, please contact the manufacturer.  After all, they’re the ones who make it!