RX Green Technologies Axiom Harpin Proteins Plant Growth & Defense 2g / 3 Pack

- 9%

Product Detail

Axiom By RX Green Technologies is a supplement that goes far beyond most plant protection and boosting products.  Natural, completely safe, non-toxic and extremely effective, Axiom contains harpin proteins that signmal the presence of pathogens.  The proteins trigger the plant to produce proteins based on their genetic code that fight off disease and pests. 

Harpin Proteins are plant health promoters that are proven to boost a plants immune system and trigger growth and defense genes resulting in improved plant growth, increased yield, quality and greater shelf life!

General Directions: Apply mixed product to plant foliage with a pump sprayer, mister, or other similar vessel // Apply as a fine mist for most efficient coverage - do not over apply // Carefully reseal opened packets to minimize exposure to air and moisture // USE OPEN PACKETS WITHIN 3 WEEKS - PRODUCT MUST BE USED WITHIN 12 HOURS OF MIXING

Indoor Gardening: Apply every 2 weeks for fast growing environments // Apply in the morning prior to or when lights come on // Do not apply after lights are turned off.

Outdoor Gardening: Continue applications every 3 weeks until first frost or dormancy // Reapply if it rains within 30 minutes of applying

For additional information or to dig deeper into this product, please contact the manufacturer.  After all, they’re the ones who make it!