UrBin Grower Self Watering Wicking Compact Garden System with Media

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Product Detail

Perfect for the uban family, this garden system can be used anywhere anytime!  Perfect for small spaces - patio, balcony, fire escape, backyard, greenhouse or inside!  Innovative design allows for portability and bountiful harvest.  The sub-irrigation watering design waters plants from the bottom up just like nature intended.

Watering into the UrBin Growers visible reservoir allows you to monitor the water much more effectively than other self watering containers.  The soil system then wicks moisture up to the roots, drawing nutrients with it.

This complete kit includes:

Comprehensive instruction booklet

Quick Start DVD guide

Growing container

Soil separators

Visible water tray

2 gallons pumice

Set of seed trays

4 gallons of dry coir with trace minerals

1 bag coir chips

1 brick coir mulch

For additional information or to dig deeper into this product, please contact the manufacturer.  After all, they’re the ones who make it!