Rugged Trading Company is a unique alternative to . . .


Pawn Shops

Pawn Shops simply rob you. They offer you pennies on the dollar to sell valuable items, or give you cash to hold your item and sell it back, at an inflated rate, only if you are able to buy it back.

Estate Sales

Very limited market (local) and very limited sales duration (usually 2-3 days). Charge high percentages and require significant amount of your time. Many (not all!) estate sale companies will offer you an extremely low price on left-over items after the sale is over and then turn around and sell your items in their stores for twice the price (or more!). We can help you liquidate estates in our own unique way!

Consignment Stores

The biggest obstacle to selling in consignment stores is they are very niche-oriented and sales are limited to people who walk through their doors. They turn away many valuable items that just don’t fit their theme. Also, because of higher overhead with brick and mortar, most charge very high commission rates.

“Do It Yourself”

There are many platforms for selling items yourself. However, who wants to deal with constant phone calls, people coming to your house, creating complex listings and shipping on your own. Some people do . . . but for those who don’t, it’s Rugged to the rescue!


Many people give away items simply because time equals money. And time is something you just might not have, so you’d rather just give your stuff away. We provide a great “in between” for the things you know have value and can give you back some of what you put into it.

Garage Sales

Garage sales are time intensive for very little payback and you just won’t get what your higher value items are worth. Let us put your items in front of thousands of people in the right market.